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1-800-656-HOPE National Sexual Assault Hotline


The national sexual violence hotline (1-800-656-HOPE) and the national online victim hotline (online.rainn.org), operated through RAINN, provide support for sexual assault victims.



The National Sexual Assault Hotline

If you need support, call 800.656.HOPE, and you will be connected to a rape crisis center near your area. RAINN's free hotline number enables victims anywhere in West Virginia to call the hotline and, through a telephone routing system that maintains the confidentiality of callers, be connected to the first available rape crisis center nearest them. When a caller dials the hotline, a computer scans the area code and first three digits of the caller's phone number and then automatically connects the caller to the nearest RAINN member center. (West Virginia rape crisis centers are members of RAINN.) If the phone line at the nearest center is busy, the call is re-routed to the next closest center until a connection is made.



The National Sexual Assault Online Hotline

The National Sexual Assault Online Hotline is a secure web-based crisis hotline providing live and anonymous support through an interface as intuitive as instant messaging. If you would like to learn more about this innovative service and watch our informational video, You're Not Alone, please visit RAINN's Online Hotline page.



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