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Welcome to the WV Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) page for Advocates. Included on this page are WV SAKI forms and materials; tips for self-care; information on using a victim-centered, trauma-informed approach; guides to assist with victim notification; and a collection of SAKI webinars for additional information.


Forms and Information






Included here are a selection of resources and strategies to assist direct-service personnel in managing the stress and effects of working in the field of sexual violence.



Trauma-Informed, Victim-Centered Approaches



Victim Notification Information



Webinars and Resources

The SAKI Training and Technical Assistance website offers a variety of webinars to provide guidance and training on topics including: completing kit inventories, testing, tracking kits, victim interviewing and investigation tips, prosecution, victim notification, trauma, and more. Each webinar has a registration link.  You will need to complete the registration and log-in to view both current and archived webinars.


For a complete listing of all SAKI webinars, you may visit the SAKI TTA Webinar page here:
SAKI Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) Webinar Listing


For your convenience, direct links to several webinars are provided below.



The Neurobiology of Trauma/Sexual Assault Webinar by Dr. Campbell- SAKI
Dr. Rebecca Campbell, professor of psychology at Michigan State University and member of the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Training and Technical Assistance team, presents an overview of the neurobiology of trauma as related to sexual assault. This presentation provides insight into how the body and brain respond to trauma and derives implications for improved investigation of sexual assault by focusing on sexual assault victims’ emotions and behaviors, memory formation and recall, and implications for investigation of sexual assault.


Strategies for Victim Notification Webinar- SAKI
RAINN & the Joyful Heart Foundation teamed up for this SAKI TTA webinar. In “Strategies for Victim Notification”, 2 policy experts explored the best practices for victim-centered, trauma-informed notification policies & procedures. Strategies for Victim Notification focused on why victim-centered, trauma-informed notification policies and procedures are integral to the overall success of addressing previously unsubmitted SAKs. In communities addressing previously unsubmitted SAKs, the process of creating a victim notification policy with their SART/MDT is an important beginning step. The goals of this webinar are to help sites critically think about their victim notification policy and provide information on promising practices to incorporate into their policies that are victim-centered and trauma-informed.


The National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Training and Technical Assistance (SAKI TTA) team provides a range of training and technical assistance to SAKI sites regarding inventorying and tracking sexual assault kits (SAKs), investigating and prosecuting cases, and engaging victim advocates. As a new resource for both 2015 and 2016 SAKI sites, the SAKI TTA team developed a Welcome Packet to provide an overview of SAKI TTA and other program materials. SAKI provides Resource Briefs on CODIS, DNA, unsubmitted kits, and testing; and resource sections for law enforcement, SANE-SART, victim notification/advocacy, prosecutors, neurobiology of sexual assault, case studies, sexual assault kits and DNA evidence.


For more helpful resources for your program:
SAKI Project Resources, Strategies, and Guidelines