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8th Annual Sexual Assault Symposium

April 10, 2008


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Course Description

The 8th Annual Sexual Assault Symposium is essential for criminal justice professionals, including police, prosecutors, judges, probation and parole officers, community-based advocates, social workers, state victim/witness assistance employees, counselors, college, community and health professionals who work together to effectively respond to victims of sexual assault.


Featured speakers at the 8th Annual Statewide Sexual Assault Symposium will be Allison Lee Turkel and Julie Field.


Ms. Turkel is the Senior Attorney/Chief of Training at the National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse. Ms. Turkel is a former law enforcement officer and has presented at numerous conferences. Ms. Turkel will be presenting sessions on "Dealing with the Adolescent Victim", "Suspect Interviewing and Interrogation, as well as the "Developmentally Delayed Victim and Witness".


Julie Kunce Field, J.D. is a nationally recognized expert on legal issues in sexual assault, particularly in the area of confidentiality and privilege issues. Ms. Field will focus on the issues of confidentiality as they relate to a victim's privacy needs and rights. Through these sessions she will provide practical situations to encourage collaboration and provide ongoing consultation after the symposium to develop a summarizing document outlining Confidentiality Best Practices in WV.



  • Time: Registration 8:00-8:30am Symposium 8:30-4:30pm
  • Location: Charleston Town Center Marriott, Charleston, WV
  • Contact: Debra Lopez-Bonassa, dlbonasso@aol.com, 304-366-9508


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